Essay on Effects Of Age Shaming On Women 's Perception Of Their Bodies

Essay on Effects Of Age Shaming On Women 's Perception Of Their Bodies

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In today’s society, both women and men are under constant pressure to look a certain way. Yet, it appears that over the course of history women have been the main victims of society’s pressure to feel and look in a specific way about their bodies. Nowadays, when there’s shaming for everything such as, fat, skinny, beauty, and slut shaming, we encounter period shaming. Of all things, menstruation is a natural, biological process that every woman experiences over the course of roughly, forty years, and yet it is one of society’s oldest taboos. I cannot help to wonder and question, whether if if the situation was involving men, would there be so much shame about menstruation? And would it be socially accepted? Overall, the purpose of this paper is to identify the issue of period shaming, and the effects it has on women’s perception of their bodies.
In order to discuss the effect period shaming has on women, we must first recognize that period shaming is a real issue in our society. As foolish as it may sound, periods are not socially accepted, and they are often associated with shame and embarrassment. As women we’ve come a long way, from fighting for voting rights to access to education, and the last thing one would want to encounter in the twentieth century is menstrual scrutiny. Period shaming is a real issue, regardless of what critics may say. Once a girl gets her period for the first time, the first thing she is told by her mother is to be discrete, and to be careful not to let boys see her sanitary products. We grow up with the idea that periods are not be discuss, and we often go to extreme ends trying to hide our sanitary products from the rest of the world.
The sad reality is that menstruation remains a topic of social ...

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...hat are essential.
Women have proven to be capable of anything, and yet society is determined to find ways to put them down. Period shaming should not be an issue that women have to face, instead we should be embracing menstruation as the source of life. If period shaming continues in our society it perpetuates the concept that women’s bodies are only worthy of attention when they 're being objectified rather than in its natural state. To answer the question if men had periods, I personally do believe the situation would be much more different. In a society where women are still evaluated primarily in terms of the body rather than the mind, makes it quite difficult to say that we have evolve as a whole. The sad reality is that women will always be pressured by society into new standards, and for menstruation to become socially acceptable will require lots of work.

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