The Effects Of Advertising On The Youth Market Essay

The Effects Of Advertising On The Youth Market Essay

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 An alternative would be to change the positioning strategy completely. This would mean shifting attention from the targeted 18-34 age group, to the largest gum consuming demographic, American teenagers. The youth market is vital because American teens consume the highest amount of gum off all age groups. Wrigley’s management attested to the age group of 10-24 being very “important,” yet none of the advertisement efforts are directed towards them. Thus, re-introducing the advertisements such that they primarily target American teenagers would be a step in the right direction. Moreover, television advertisements that contain appearances by celebrities and athletes, such as Michael Jordan, who this consumer group customarily follows, would be ideal to increase awareness among this consumer group. Repositioning the product would mean that the formulation of the flavours offered would also need to be altered, in order to meet the consumer issues of a younger age group. Currently, there are only two flavours offered by Eclipse, as opposed to 5 offered by Dentyne Ice. Moreover, the current flavours offered by Eclipse do not have high favourability ratings. For instance, the in-home-use data suggests that about 40% of the age group 35-64 would “definitely buy Eclipse” after an in-home-use, about 17% higher than the younger age group of 12-17. Thus, the company needs to offer an innovative flavour within the Eclipse range that follows along the current mint trend, yet is something that hasn’t been offered by the competitors yet. In other words, this new flavour would need to be one of peppermint or spearmint, and not be a traditional pellet or stick gum. Such an innovation would likely bore a fusion of the current Eclipse Spearmint and A...

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...d in an attempt to re-invent the brand, including flavours like peppermint, something the company has been reluctant to introduce. This will allow Wrigley to create a market need among a particular demographic and position Eclipse as being a ‘cure’ to mouth odour, rather than the previously suggested, ‘concealer’ to bad breath.
The disadvantages of this alternative would primarily be the costs involved in re-inventing the product and altering the motto that is part of all the advertisements. Moreover, the reformulation of flavours that would need to be offered, along with the marketing research that precedes the release would drive up the production costs further. This change of motto suggests a change in identity of the product, and thus, surveys and blind test results would need to be carried out to ensure whether these flavours perform better than the competitors

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