Effects Of Adolescent Cigarette Smoking On Adolescents Essay

Effects Of Adolescent Cigarette Smoking On Adolescents Essay

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Research shows that adolescent cigarette smoking is likely to begin in grades 7 through 9. In this paper, I will evaluate both Corliss and Morin’s findings that the sexual minority youth as well as those with poor academic performance are more likely to smoke cigarettes and typically begin smoking earlier. To determine the validity of this statement I will consider the external factors that may contribute to adolescents smoking cigarettes. To explore the possibility that the sexual minority and the poor academic achieving students are more likely to smoke cigarettes I have to consider all the social and environmental factors contributing to adolescents smoking cigarettes. Because both of these groups of adolescents are considered the minority compared to the heterosexual or high achieving adolescents they are typically not accepted by parents, peers, and society different can have negative effects on them and this can lead to drugs.
The first thing that I will consider when discussing cigarette smoking among adolescents is their environment. Where an adolescent grows up is a big determination of who they will become unless they make deliberate steps to change. If you are surrounded by negativity and violence then you are more inclined to partake in the negativity and violence as well. There are people in the community that can really influences their cigarette smoking as well, if an adolescent does have a strong adult figure or mentor in their life than they are more likely to look to negative people for advice.
Parents play a huge role in their children’s life and they help determine whether an adolescent will begin smoking by the time they spend with their children. Although adolescents are seeking autonomy parents have to f...

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...mic performance are more likely to smoke cigarettes and typically begin earlier compared to the heterosexual or high achieving adolescents. I think this statement is valid only because of the factors in their personal life that lead to smoking. These groups of adolescents are more likely to deal with bullying, abuse, and drugs are sometimes seen as the outlet with cigarettes being just the beginning. I feel that by having supportive adults all adolescents, even the ones who are the minority in the population, can begin to see change. Just by incorporating supportive smoking prevention programs and intervention programs that are accepting of all people there can be a continued decrease in the adolescent smoking rate. I believe that once all adolescents realize the healthy choices they make now can affect their future I think they will be more inclined to stop smoking.

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