Essay on The Effects Of A Child 's Educational Development

Essay on The Effects Of A Child 's Educational Development

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The Detrimental Cause of a Child’s Educational Development: Homeschooling
Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to be sheltered your entire life due to being homeschooled? Imagine the fact that you don’t have the same opportunities to make new friends or to have more than one teacher. Go to a school dance or experience having a first in-school crush. Homeschooling is not the best option for a child. It is detrimental to their educational development emotionally and mentally. Social isolation, financial burden, and not having the proper qualifications all hinder the possibility of the child not receiving a well-rounded education.
Social isolation can be broken down in two sub-points: Deprivation and lack peer interaction. Deprivation and lack of peer interaction goes hand and hand ultimately because when a child is deprived of peer interaction, they can suffer from the loss of having a normal childhood. When they are homeschooled they don’t have the opportunity to interact with other children on a daily basis. Some say they can obtain peer interaction during the weekends or after the other students get out of school. However, by interacting with others their age on a daily basis, they have the opportunity to learn social skills that cannot be taught in small increments at a time. Children are often sheltered while being homeschooled; therefore, they can become socially awkward.
Religious reasons and disabilities can both be a reason why a parent might consider home schooling. Other times when a parent decides that they want to homeschool their child, its most likely for personal beliefs. Some feel they are protecting their child from being exposed to the dangers of sex, drugs, and alcohol. They don’t tak...

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...he help of their parents. They create lifelong relationships that will teach them life lessons. Being in public school or private school will exposed the child to diverse ideas and multi- cultural experiences. They also more likely to receive a better understanding of who they are and where they would like to be. Healthy competition to strive higher will be bestowed onto them as they move higher up in education levels. It is guaranteed that they will be more susceptible to have a well- rounded education. At any rate, homeschooling is not the best option for a child. Although the parents may feel it’s the best option, they are consciously depriving the child socially. They don’t consider the factors of how much home schooling can cost. They may not have the proper qualifications to teach the child the material; thus, depriving the child from a well-rounded education.

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