Essay on The Effects Alcohol Has On Teens

Essay on The Effects Alcohol Has On Teens

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Nearly 25 percent of teens drink alcohol because they think it is fun; however the problems it may bring are not so fun (Hyde 22). There over six times more teen deaths per year from alcohol than any other drug (O’Malley 30). Alcohol affects the body of teens as well as all of the developmental processes. A major issue of teens drinking is that it increases the chance of becoming an alcoholic in the future; which leads to lowered self-control, impaired judgment, and lowered inhibition (Heath 12). Alcohol can completely change the life of a teen from the time they start drinking till death. Alcohol affects so many aspects of a person’s life and once it does, it is so hard to get life back to normal. Alcohol effects teens by harming them physically, emotionally, and socially especially through relationships.
Alcohol affects the body negatively with over usage. Alcohol is a depressant, so the use of alcohol affects the central nervous system by temporarily slowing it down. Alcohol ends up blocking the messages from being received by the brain. This ends up altering a person's morals, emotions, movement, vision, and hearing. This causes the mind to change its decision-making and problem solving process. This is why many accidents occur while using alcohol.
Alcohol also affects multiple different organs in the body. Right after consumption, alcohol enters the blood, leading to many organs in the body. Once the alcohol in the blood reaches the brain, it completely alters the process of how the brain works. This is one of the biggest problems that alcohol causes (Hyde, Margaret, and John 38). Teens already make many bad choices; the consumption of alcohol just makes it worse. “If acute alcohol poisoning, violence, or an accident do...

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... Margaret, and John 38).

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