Effectiveness Of Us And Mexican Joint Efforts Essay

Effectiveness Of Us And Mexican Joint Efforts Essay

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This study will analyze the effectiveness of US and Mexican joint efforts to reduce the amount of drugs being trafficked into the United States and the efforts to reduce the level violence and political instability that the growth of the drug trade has brought to Mexico, Latin America and the region. Although narcotics and the violence that results from it, is a not new phenomenon to Mexico, it has been appreciably more widespread and extreme during the last fifteen years, as Mexico replaced the Columbian Medellin and Cali cartels as the number one distributors of cocaine and Marijuana to the United States and abroad. (Cook 2007). In the United States, Mexico carries the dubious title as “the most dangerous place for journalists” with over 100 of them killed or missing since 2000. (Campbell 2008). It is obvious that the narcotics trafficking is a concern for lawmakers on both side of the Rio Grande, however, to date the results of Mexican law enforcement, military, and other security agencies, in spite of full support of the US Drug Enforcement Agency, FBI, and US Border Patrol, to reduce the volume of drug traffic and curtail the activities of the cartels have been marginal at best, with some speculating that President Felipe Calderone’s “hardline” approach has only made the violence and killing worst.
On a political level, with the profits they have obtained from drug trafficking, human smuggling, kidnapping and ransoms, the cartels have managed to penetrate every layer of the Mexican military, law enforcement, judiciary and political institutions, such that there of areas of Mexico, particularly along the border region, where the state has lost effective control over its territory, effectively surrendering their sovereignty....

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... immediately reduce the profitability of producing and smuggling drugs into the United States, as it is now a legal product and can be produced domestically, regulated, and taxed accordingly.

Finally, as Mexico produces little or no quantity of arms, the US could tighten its own laws or at least not actively seek to place arms in the hands of the cartel for some misguided intelligence purpose as was the case with operations such as the Department of Justices “Fast and Furious” program. Having adopted a more rational domestic drug policy, the US can then focus its efforts on the ‘Supply” side of the problem in cooperation with Mexico and other states in the area of crop eradication and substitution programs, foreign police and military funding and training, direct and indirect military intervention where necessary, intelligence operations and information sharing.

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