Effectiveness Of Uniform Advertising Strategy Essay

Effectiveness Of Uniform Advertising Strategy Essay

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According to above figure of Samsung and Apple, Apple use uniform strategy at all markets and only spends less than 1/4 what Samsung spent on advertisement, but highly net profit, strong brand equity and brand identity than Samsung. Obviously, using uniform advertising strategy can create more profit and save large amount of cost than non-uniform advertising strategy.

Based on the above evidence, uniform advertising strategy indeed can lead global brands to representing consistent brand image and saving cost as well as creating brand value. However, the main concept of advertising effectiveness includes market share, communication with customer and advertising expense. (Ansari, A., & Riasi, A. 2016). Uniform advertising strategy still has vast limitation for global brands, but non-uniform advertising strategy could overcome regulation barriers which uniform advertising strategy cannot achieve this goal and make better communication with local customers, creating positive brand image and gain more market share than uniform advertising strategy.

Using a uniform strategy does not lead to efficiency in global brands advertising, this is because of many barriers in advertising infrastructure, such as electric or digital media, regulations. Harvey (1993, as cited in Papavassiliou, N., & Stathakopoulos, V. 1997.P.509) reported that the international companies of global brands face greater advertising regulation by foreign governments today than ever before. For instance, many nations already ban comparative advertising. Such as France and Germany which started to have standard practice in corrective advertising. Evidences from Sackville J. (1995, as cited in Samiee, S., Jeong, I., Pae, J. H., & Tai, S. 2003 .PP.617-618) and Miao S. (19...

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...in than other company normally only have 3 years. As a result of this, customers receive a positive message that they can get better customer service and safety guarantee by purchasing Hyundai car instead of other brands. Hyundai Motor America (HMA) sponsors Women 's United Soccer Association (WUSA) for 4 years, Hyundai Motor America (HMA) as the only car company displaying their products. They also gained lots opportunities of television advertising by local famous spokesmen and public relations through sponsoring local golf matches for 3 years and taking a part in Mongoose bicycle competition.
Above Hyundai Motor America (HMA) adaptation strategy is aim to overcome the low quality of customer’s perception and create more positive image. As a result of above non-uniform strategy, global brands could build positive brand image in local market and overcome prejudice.

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