Effectiveness Of Optimal Advancement On The Family Relationship Essay

Effectiveness Of Optimal Advancement On The Family Relationship Essay

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For optimal advancement in the family relationship we must reassess the family after the interventions have been implemented. The outcomes, either good or bad, can give one the indication that the family is either advancing or declining. When assessing one must talk to the family as a whole and promote conversation about advancements and challenges that came hand in hand with the interventions applied. The intervention that worked well for SC and stress relief was exercising. SC expressed to me that she does not have much free time in the day, but waking up thirty minutes earlier each day to exercise has improved her overall mood, her sleeping pattern, and her confidence. The family also expressed that they were trying to be more helpful around the house to help ease tension for everyone.
For the second nursing diagnosis, the goal was to enhance the social interaction and the communication in the family. The family made a plan and decided that Wednesdays were their least busy nights of the week. Every Wednesday they would all eat supper around the table with no electronics to distract. After NC is done with work, he will then meet the family at home and they agreed to have a movie night with a movie appropriate for the whole family. By taking these actions and committing to a plan, the family shows readiness for their enhanced relationships. The family is taking leaps and bounds towards a very strong relationship with optimal communication techniques. There is always room for improvements in the relationships of the family and there will always be conflicts. What we can ensure is progressing communication and relationships when conflict does arise.
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...y may promote socialization for the younger children and also provide stress relieving activities. The area this family lives in has a very organized community with many ways to get connected such as; the library, activities provided by the school district, and plenty of parks and playgrounds. I introduced the family to this website to encourage involvement. http://www.citytrf.net/index.asp?SEC=25AE960F-E442-4FB7-A116-1D84828E97AE&Type=B_LIST
Other activities that promote the family to spend time together include involvement in the local 4-H club for the children. I provided this link to help them look into the idea. http://4-h.org/
Every family will have problems and disputes. So in regards to this, and the help promote communication and healing I provided a brochure on family counseling and how to seek out help to strengthen relationships, if interested.

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