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Effectiveness Of Effective Classroom Teachers Essays

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Effective classroom teachers use a variety of assessment instruments on a daily basis to determine student progress. Assessing the students is the easy part and can be ongoing or at specific times during the year. After any assessment is given, it is vital for the teachers to analyze the results of the assessment. Finally, teachers much continually monitor student progress in order to ensure student success. The assessing, analyzing, and monitoring requires planning on the teacher’s part. If teachers fail to plan, they plan to fail; this is the result in many classrooms today because teachers access their students and then do not analyze the data in order to monitor and document students’ learning.
Professional Knowledge Base
Teachers must have a professional knowledge base in order to be an effective teachers. According to Titus 2:7 teaching should show integrity, seriousness, and soundness. Effective teachers use a variety of assessment instruments in the classroom including formative, summative, and interim. Formative assessment is a collection of practices that lead to some action that improves learning. It is the use of the information gathered, and how it is used to adjust teaching and learning that makes it formative. A study by Black and William (1998a, 1998b) revealed that the largest achievement gains used classroom discussions, classroom tasks, and homework to determine student learning and the action that would be taken to improve learning and/or correct misunderstandings, descriptive feedback with guidance, and students developing self- and peer-assessment skills. Formative assessments are a powerful tool for teachers and students alike. Some examples of formative assessment include summarizing activit...

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...pecific type of assessment that teachers can use is diagnostic assessments. These assessments provide teachers with each student’s prior knowledge and common misconceptions that they may have. It also gives teachers a baseline to see how much student growth has occurred during the entire learning unit. Diagnostic assessments are giving at the beginning of a teaching unit (“Diagnostic and Formative,” n.d.). Another specific type of assessment that teachers can use is performance assessments. This is a method of teaching and learning that focuses on the process and the product. Students create various products for various audiences. They measure what the student can do with the information learned. This type of assessment occurs during the learning unit to see if students can apply the knowledge they have learned (“Defining Performance Assessment,” n.d.).

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