The Effectiveness Of Different Advertising Mediums Essay

The Effectiveness Of Different Advertising Mediums Essay

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The Effectiveness of Different Advertising Mediums
“Advertising in the media performs the myriad roles of informing, connecting, and entertaining. It informs us of the goods and services that are available for us to purchase and use. And, along the way, it often entertains us with some humorous, witty, or clever use of words and pictures” (Katz). Mediums are a way to advertise a business, however, the information that is given through the medium is important, however, the way it is communicated is just as important (Katz). The key for any business is its advertising, a business can have excellent growth with the right advertising strategy. The trick is choosing which type of media works best for the business at hand. With so many different ones out there it can be hard to tell which one would be best for advertising a certain business. With various choices out there, each with its own benefits and drawbacks, it can be difficult to choose the right one. Some effective medium examples include print mediums, social media, TV ads, radio ads, outdoor advertising, and word of mouth advertising (“Choosing Advertising Mediums”).
Advertising is a way that a business can effectively sell their product or service to a particular market and, this advertising has become a part of people 's daily lives. “When you listen to music on the radio, go online to update your Facebook status, watch a TV show, or read your favorite magazine, what you also did was receive information through a means of communication, or a medium” (Katz). As a business looking to advertise, one must decide what advertising medium will work best for that particular business, but how does one decide? The truth is that the right medium for advertising the business depends ...

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...and family about it and encourage them not to go. To avoid this situation, it is best to find ways to ensure that the customers always have the best experience.
Whether it is using print to make a personal connection to a customer, using social media to sell online, or advertising on the radio or television to reach a large audience, making the right decision in picking the correct medium is crucial (Katz). Picking a good medium that reflects the lifestyle of the target audience can greatly help a business flourish. Each medium is unique in its own way by having a different outcome depending on which medium is used for advertising that business and its purpose (Johnson). With all the different mediums, situations, and possible outcomes it can be tricky when choosing a medium to advertise with and brings up the question, which medium is best for the business at hand?

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