Effectiveness of Development Aid Essay

Effectiveness of Development Aid Essay

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Origins and history of development aid

The idea behind development aid is nothing new. We have been helping those in need since the dawn of time even if it is only for our own benefit. However our approach towards development aid has change over the years. Modern development aid is still a relatively new conception.
There is no clear line of when we can say that modern development aid started. Most people seem to agree that the concept of development aid began in the late nineteenth century, which coincides with the colonisation of Africa (1981 – 1914). When the colonies where first colonised the settlers preferred to use the Laissez-faire concept . The definition behind the Laissez-faire concept is: an economic environment in which transactions between private parties are free from government restrictions, tariffs, and subsidies, with only enough regulations to protect property rights.1 The profit that was made in the export of different types of raw materials usually ended up in the hands of the coloniser. The money that did end up going to the colonial governments was never enough to be of any beneficial help. The change in the approach when it came to development aid was a slow process.
As there is little information about the early stages of development aid. I will focus on the history of development aid in the United Kingdom. After the Second World War most developed countries began working together when it came to giving development aid, so I will be able to show a more global insight to the history of development aid.
The first sign of change in the United Kingdom came in the form of a speech on the 22nd of August 1895 by Joseph Chamberlain, who was appointed as the Secretary of State for the Colonies of the United King...

... middle of paper ...

... education
To promote gender equality and empowering women
To reduce child mortality rates
To improve maternal health
To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
To ensure environmental sustainability
To develop a global partnership for development

In 2005 the United Nations came with the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness, which is to help improve the effectiveness of development aid.
Compared to how the world used to help underdeveloped countries we have come a long way. Development is still primarily used to promote economic development, but now we also promote social development.

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