Effectiveness Of An Occasional And Professional Criminal Essay

Effectiveness Of An Occasional And Professional Criminal Essay

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When distinguishing between an occasional and professional criminal, what comes to mind is an embezzler and a booster. Embezzlers really do not consider themselves as thieves, on the contrary, they believe that they are just borrowing but with the intentions of not paying back. While committing the offense, this individual evaluates the risk of the crime and believes the punishment is worth jeopardizing their well-being. Whereas the booster is considered a professional criminal that steals for a profit. They conduct their illegal business as if it’s a commodity. Perhaps the person with the most potential danger such as the professional booster would resort to violence because the penalties out weight the offense. For instance, the booster could be in a situation where he has to escape from being caught by lost prevention or security and the only option is violence as a means of protection. Not to say it is okay to harm another individual for personal gain but the criminal would act on intense. However, the embezzler would most likely surrender without violence because they know they are wrong and are not willing to endure any additional penalties.
In the circumstance of a person who owns an antique business that sells a client an original Tiffany lamp knowingly that it is a fake lamp is considered a fraudulent individual. This type of crime is known as “White-Collar Crimes,” whereas an individual uses a business base operation for discerption and dishonesty to make a profit. It should be mandatory for a written atheistic policy be signed prior to purchasing any high end merchandise from an antique store or vendor. In a situation where the vender is not aware of the merchandise being a fake should still be held accountable for any...

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... the time.
Hypothetically, when describing a good burglar, they would be considered as an intelligent individual who is an outstanding organizer that knows how to execute their strategy. Since burglary is their primary form of income, they would need to know the ends and outs of presuming their targets and be dedicated to getting the job done. Also, this individual must be able to accept all circumstances that come with the territory, such as being apprehended. A burglar can be compared to several professions; however, the initial thought that comes to mind is an attorney. Attorneys are known foremost as swindlers that maneuver their way through the judicial system to success. Just as a burglar a lawyer investigate the circumstances and come to a conclusion on how to win a case. Weather the client is innocent or guilty; they do what’s necessary to retrieve a salary.

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