Essay on Effectiveness Of Alcohol And Substance Misuse

Essay on Effectiveness Of Alcohol And Substance Misuse

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The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of alcohol and substance misuse treatment programmes, from a healthcare practitioners ' perspective working in HMP Lowdham Grange. It is also imperative to ascertain whether the practitioners perceive the current multi-disciplinary and inter-agency collaborative setup is effectively working to combat alcohol and substance misuse within the prison. The study will also attempt to ascertain whether the practitioner 's preconceived attitudes and beliefs towards the prisoners could affect their perception of the effectiveness of the treatment programmes

1. To investigate the implications of alcohol and substance misuse in prisons.
2. To explore the prevalence of the New Psychoactive Substances and how they impact on the existing treatment.
3. To examine the impact of legislative changes of alcohol and substance misuse interventions in prisons over time.
4. To explore the Practitioners ' perceptions and attitudes within the current system
5. To examine data around the current treatment (use data to understand the effectiveness of treatment e.g. statistical indicators used to inform the effectiveness of treatment in prison).

Research Question:
The key research question of this study was to ascertain whether or not the existing treatment programmes for alcohol and substance misuse are effective in the prison system.

One question that needs to be asked, however, is whether the current system is effective in treatment programmes of alcohol and substance misuse within a prison system. The key issue with this explanation is that there is very limited research on the healthcare professionals ' attitudes and perceptions of the effectiveness of alcohol and...

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...uced therapeutic alliance between the practitioners and the prisoners, resulting in the prisoners ' interception and treatment avoidance. Some scholars cited that fear of being stigmatised also had an adverse effect on the prisoners ' attitudes towards seeking treatment for their alcohol and substance misuse problems (Miller et al., 2001).
Van Boekel et al. (2014) argued that the effectiveness of treatment and an individual 's recovery and successful community reintegration was influenced by healthcare professionals ' attitudes. So those exhibiting negative attitudes may illicit negative treatment outcomes. However, those exhibiting positive attitudes elicited positive treatment outcomes (Gilchrist, 2011). Optimal treatment is therefore determined by the professionals ' attitudes and affinity towards certain treatment programmes (Todd, Sellman and Robertson., 2002).

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