Essay on Effectiveness Of A Non Profit Organization

Essay on Effectiveness Of A Non Profit Organization

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In analyzing AF in its entirety, there are a few areas that cause issues the way that their business is currently functioning and hindering it from progressing forward. These issues consist of financial stability, staff retention, lack of knowledge, and organizational structure. All of these issues if not improved upon and maintained can cause significant problems in how the business functions. Before a solution can be provided, it is important to understand the reason behind why the issues even occur.
For a non-profit organization such as AF, it is hard to maintain financial stability, especially when the majority of the funding comes from grants. Financial stability is where the key markets and the financial institutional system is resistant to economic shocks and is fit to smoothly fulfill basic functions (MNB, 2016). AF has had some consistent donations and grants funding but it is not always guaranteed and the amounts can fluctuate. That is also carried over to the process improvement budget, AF relies heavily on donations to fund special and capital-intensive projects (Baldridge National Quality Program, 2006). For an organization such as AF, it can be heard to maintain financial stability because there are so many regulations to uphold in order to maintain the grant funding. A new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows that mismanagement and a lack of resources also led to millions in lost federal grant funds (Farmer, 2015).
Due to the fact that the majority of those that work for AF are volunteers, it is difficult to maintain staff retention. Volunteers perform a wide variety of task that builds relationships with patients and their families and increases the efficiency and effe...

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...the chargemaster to reflect this new approach in transparency (McLean & Datar 2015).
In support of the proposal to maintain/improve the health of our beneficiaries, there are several proposals. One proposal would be to strengthen the partnership between AFCHC and the public schools. Since the organization is already working out of the public schools providing healthcare, increase these services and use them as micro-clinics. Physician extenders could be staffed at these clinics and provide services like a small clinical office. Another benefit is that they could offer immunizations at the schools not only for students but for any beneficiary, thereby raising the percentage of people vaccinated. Another proposal would be to decrease the health care charges for people who complete specified age-appropriate tests/take their preventive medicine, and educational training.

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