Effectiveness Of A Corporation During Times Of Change Essay

Effectiveness Of A Corporation During Times Of Change Essay

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This article uses case studies to examine the effectiveness of a corporation during times of change. One of the elements studied is the communication method and how it relates to change. There are four case studies of different companies with varying results of the change and how it was communicated. One of the primary results this study focuses is on is whether changes are communicated through formal or informal means. Organizational change is a period where outcomes can be researched, therefore, studying the effects of communication on organizations during times of change gives the author a way to evaluate effectiveness based on positive or negative outcomes.
Both authors are affiliated with the Prague University of Economics. This article explores how informal and formal methods are both and outcome of the organization change and how those methods affected the outcome. The variety of companies used for the case study gives this research a broad appeal. Unlike other sources, this source acknowledges that certain situations merit more information communication for the best outcome.

The authors look at the problem of outsourcing and how the disparate locations cause obstacles for communication. They suggest a model that will improve communication and knowledge exchange in these types of business. While the suggestion is geared toward software development, the authors recognize its application in other environments with geographically varied locations. Their research confirms that knowledge exchange is closely connected with communication, collaboration and coordination. They recommend a product knowledge center or a hosted platform for electronic knowledge exchange. This platform allows knowledge to be captured and shared with ...

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...creasing in popularity, even with small business and small teams. Though Microsoft 365 is one of the prevalent platforms used by large companies, it has many limitations and is not enough to replace an intranet. The author also discussed pros and cons of other sharing and social channels. However, the article continues to support the theory that large companies are still left to more traditional routes such as an intranet.
This article is relevant to large and small companies. When comparing different options, one must consider which resources make the most sense to their company. Since there will not be one answer for every solution, this article gives reasoning for and against different platforms for different situations. Perttu Tolvanen is a CMS Expert & Partner at North Patrol where he specializes in requirement analysis audits and web project management training.

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