Effectiveness Of A Communication Style Essay examples

Effectiveness Of A Communication Style Essay examples

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The actions Twelve Trees should take while working with the interpreter
In this day and age, Interpreters play an important role in cross cultural business environment. They enable the cross cultural communication which is essential for International business. So Twelve Trees should be very careful while selecting the Interpreter because any miscommunication will negatively affect the business. The perceived role of interpreter is different in different cultures. In China, they prefer an interpreter who is a part of the team rather an a stranger. While using an interpreter, the visual and written communication also should be changed to meet the style of the host country. Before selecting the interpreter, the following factors to be considered
• Verify the interpreter’s proficiency in English and Mandarin
• Verify his qualifications and educational background
• Evaluate the effectiveness of his communication style
• Interpreter must be able to explain the non-verbal clues and other gestures
• If possible, use the same person in different assignments to establish a familiar working environment
Prior to the communication process, the following factors should be considered
• The content of the communication must be given to interpreter in advance and allow him enough time to prepare
• Your confidentiality policy must be communicated to the interpreter
• Urge the interpreter to make notes of the client responses
• Effectively communicate the goals and procedures of the meeting to the Interpreter and create a good rapport with him
• The content should be organised properly to avoid ambiguity
During the communication process, the following points should be considered
• Pause frequently during the communication process to allow enough t...

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...na depends mainly on the amount of trust between the partners. Chinese people usually don’t consider western people as trustworthy. So it is important to create trust in the relationship
• It is always important to have a strong legal foundation to the business relationships in China because the Chinese companies usually have a tendency to engage in illegal activities which is harmful to the long term relationship and any illegal conduct from the Chinese supplier will also affect the reputation of twelve trees.
• Try to learn the Chinese language and avoid the use of interpreter because it will help to create a personal relationship with Chinese executives.
• Try to create a good relationship Chinese government because the government play a major role in all business process that happen in China.
• Regularly supervise the activities of the supplier to ensure quality.

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