The Effectiveness of a Celebrity Spokesperson in Advertising Essay

The Effectiveness of a Celebrity Spokesperson in Advertising Essay

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Many marketing companies have realized the importance of celebrity’s endorsement as a marketing communication tool. Corporations hire celebrities because they are individuals with “Celebrity Equality”. The awareness and association celebrities portray to consumer firm’s hope this branding transfer to the product they are selling. When corporations endorse a celebrity, they are taking on the possibility and risk of that the spokesperson may become involved in events that can have deleterious effects on the company and the product, they are advertising. “They’re human. When you sign on to a celebrity, you sign on to the whole package –the good, the bad, and the ugly” (L, Therese, & K, Robert & J, Robert, 2001). Throughout my paper, I will be using Tiger Wood as an example of the positive and negative effects of a celebrity as a spokesperson.

Celebrity advertising is no panacea for achieving attention and higher sales. Companies believe that the celebrity’s message, delivers a higher degree of appeal, and attention to consumers. Marketer’s claim that a celebrity creditability increase memory of the message and may provide a positive effect that could be generalized to the brand, states M. Mohan & B, Loue & R, Hudson. Firms have come to realize celebrity spokespersons like Tiger Wood have believability, purchase intentions and favorable effect on consumers. “The casual observer is somewhat inclined to believe that professional sport athletics are in greater demand as a celebrity product endorser” (S, George, J, Mathew & J, Jones, 2003).
These advertising strategies include sexual, chock, emotional, fear, and humor. Companies are seeking higher brand awareness and recognition to consumers from these appeals. Celebr...

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