Effectiveness For Maintaining A Successful Risk Management Program Essay

Effectiveness For Maintaining A Successful Risk Management Program Essay

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Risk management is ultimately important within any health care organization; therefore, assessing possible risk factors becomes necessary. Risk management assessment is crucial to Alliance Health Center for the reason that this mental institution has countless contributing risk factors. Therefore, in this paper, techniques for maintaining a successful risk management program will be assessed through the establishment of the two major risks, violence/aggression and mental health, at Alliance in compliance with risk identification, analysis, and assessment.
Techniques for Managing Safety
Techniques for managing safety are available for risk management to resemble those for clinical risk within the following: risk assessment estimate, failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), root-cause analysis (RCA), technological redundancy, crew resource management (CRM), and red rules (Kavaler & Alexander, 2014, p. 158). Techniques for managing safety are ultimately important to Alliance, as well as other healthcare organizations. These six techniques strategizes in respect to risk management assessment greatly.
Risk Assessment Estimate
“Risk assessment is the process of measuring whether something will happen” (Woods, 2013). A risk assessment requires a decision to be made with the process of incident reporting to further help with risk prevention. “Risk assessment starts by conducting an overall inventory of the safety and security risks facing a healthcare institution. Once risk is recognized, hospital leadership must estimate severity and compare to others” (Kavaler & Alexander, 2014, p.158). The risk management program assess any risks through comparison of patients’ history. Since Alliance is a mental hospital, retrieving an estimate o...

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...ents’ mental state; however, violence and aggression becomes uncontrollable at times, requiring assistance. Required assistance usually leads to the approach of instrument use, in which may include medication through needles. At this mental hospital, risk management usually have to assess incidents of violence and aggression through the approach of both purely clinical and purely instruments.
Given the explanations within this paper, risk management assessment is greatly imperative at Alliance. Being able to identify, analyze, and assess the violence, aggression, and mental health state of the patients are imperative to maintain a successful risk management program through the six techniques. Alliance complies with the policies and procedures in assuring that patient and staff safety is implemented each day because of it being such a risk environment.

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