Effective Ways Of Implementing Behavioural Modification Essay

Effective Ways Of Implementing Behavioural Modification Essay

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Effective ways of implementing behavioural modification is the primary focus of this paper. The participant had a negative behaviour affecting their life and contributed to low self-control. Overconsumption of junk food was an established and routine negative behaviour, which was being negatively reinforced. The target behaviour is to decrease the amount of junk food consumed on daily basis. In order to measure the effectiveness of the treatment, the consumption of junk food will be quantified through serving size and quantity. There are several antecedents leading up to the undesirable behaviour that are internally driven such as sugar cravings, restlessness, and stress. The external environment also propels the behaviour due to food-related cues such as the sight or the smell of chocolate (Stapleton, 2014). Typically the behaviour occurs when the participant is overwhelmed due to anxiety from studies. It usually takes place in the participant’s room during the day, and at least five days a week. The behaviour lends itself to isolation as it arises when the participant is alone and using an electronic device. The consequences of the behaviour are feeling guilty, nausea and low self-control. The consumption of junk food without a lack of control makes the participant question his/her ability to regulate restrain when facing stressful situations. The reinforcing agent of this target behaviour is the lowering of stress immediately after the behaviour occurs (Hineline, & Rosales-Ruiz, 2013)). The removal of stress gives junk food, a lot of leverage and leads to lack of self-control when consuming it. Furthermore, consuming junk food has become a daily routine and has consequently led to repetition of the behaviour for the foreseeabl...

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...ing behaviour change in such a limited and constrained timeframe. Learned behaviours are dependent on the learning environment and cues specific to an individual, therefore it is hard to make a detailed plan that adheres to specific needs of just one individual. There is also the factor of self-implementation of behavioural change, as treating yourself is very subjective and hard to follow one’s own rules .For future behavioural change treatment plan I would love to implement different strategies in a controlled environment to different individuals, to see which would be the most effective. I would also love to account for individual differences by learning about external factors such as anxiety, by looking at mental history. Controlling extraneous variables will lead to getting more consistent results and identify different factors leading to the learned behaviour.

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