Essay about Effective Use Of Leadership Styles And Models

Essay about Effective Use Of Leadership Styles And Models

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Module 3
Effective use of leadership styles and models can foster organizational success by increasing motivation, enhancing cooperation, and giving sense of direction to the staff and executives. Building awareness of the various leadership models and styles can help leaders develop their approach to enable them become more effective leader. In this article, six video clips will be examined for the leaderships styles used and their effectiveness for the specific situation.
Video clips 1: O captain, my captain! (Influence Leadership Model (coercive) and Transformational Leadership Model)
In the clip, O captain, my captain, Mr. Nolan displays the Influence Leadership Model, particularly the coercive leadership. According to Lehmann-Willenbrock et al. (2015), coercive leadership is a negative power that aims to influence subjects by instilling fear. Coercive power does not motivate or encourage desired performance but aims to discourage undesired actions. Mr. Noral threatened the students with the “if-then” statements and consequences of being expelled from Welton Academy. However, as Bowman (2016) states coercive leadership undermines on of a leader’s critical tool - motivating people. Therefore, the student’s response to Mr. Nolan’s leadership is a refusal to cooperate unless they are threatened. For example, Mr. Nolan forced the students to sign a document to opposed Mr. Keating’s teaching methods, after being threatened with expulsion from the school. Mr. Nolan is focused on getting the students to make the students perform specific tasks like understanding the rhyme and meter used in poetry. The coercive leadership style was not appropriate to use in the class, as shown in the clip because the students had alread...

... middle of paper ... journalist credentials, the mismatch of interests between with her employer made Miranda be more cautious of hiring her. The Behavioral Model was the appropriate leadership model for this situation because it allowed Miranda to learn Andrea’s interests and personality (Lehmann-Willenbrock et al., 2015). Miranda realized that it was possible that they did not have a good fit, which Andrea admitted.
The six video clips have shown various leadership styles, and how they fit into different situations and individuals. Therefore, it is important for leaders to use effective leadership styles to influence their subordinates or team members. For example, the use of the Contingency Model, Path-Goal Model, in the video clip “Remember the Titans” was seen to effective in increasing motivation towards achieving increased cooperation between the team members.

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