Effective Use of ICT for Education and Learning Essay

Effective Use of ICT for Education and Learning Essay

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The use of ICT-tools is an intrinsic part of my everyday life. From the moment I wake up till I go to sleep I have used some form of ICT-tool during every hour of that day. I use a smartphone to read and listen to the news in the morning, as well as connect with my friends and family via different messenger services. I use a computer to take notes in class. During my school days I also log in to the school platform Mondo, to keep up to date with my studies. I also use the computer during the day to see what events are going on at school with the student union or the English department. I frequently look up words that I do not know using my computer or smartphone. For my actual studies, I find that youtube.com provides me with a lot of useful clips with information about certain things, such as pedagogy terms or explaining syntax. I think this in combination with reading the course material is the most effective way for me to study. I also use ICT recreationally as I do not have a TV, I watch films or documentaries on my computer or smartphone at home. I use the internet to find events or political movements such as demonstrations that I want to partake in. I keep in touch with people on the internet that I might not have met in real life, but we are connected by our mutual interests and I feel that perhaps a third of my life takes place online, which is why this question is a bit difficult to answer.

The Pros anc Cons of Using Two ICT Tools as pedagogical tools in English teaching.

The smartphone.
The smartphone is revolutionary, as you are constantly connected to the outside world. It has led to progress in developing countries, where computers might be rare but smartphones are available, for them to unite and connect wi...

... middle of paper ...

...would be obligated to watch the clip to partake in class and this medium could motivate them in a different way than reading a book would. It would also be easier for the teacher to see who watched and who did not watch the clip. It is a modern take on the traditional homework, which is not excluding; students with reading disabilities would be able to partake.
It could be hazardous if the teacher relied too much on clips and used it as a substitute teacher. There is also a problem if the students or teacher use a clip that is not reliable; the internet is full of information but a lot of it is incorrect.


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