Essay on Effective Treatment Of Mental Health

Essay on Effective Treatment Of Mental Health

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For effective treatment of mental health problems it is important to target the underlying biological factors.

What does effective treatment mean in mental health care? It means more than just drug treatment. It relates to biological psychological and social approaches to the care of those with mental health problems. It varies according to the disorder; for some it may be pharmacological, for others talking therapies and for some a combination of both (Toates, 2010, pp.1-27)
Mental health problems may be due to psychosocial and biological factors. There is no single cause for mental health disorder. Mental illnesses can be caused by a combination of biological, psychological and environmental factors. Heritability is suggested to be one of the biggest biological risk factors. For instance, brain changes because of substance abuse and poor diet can cause mental disorders. Moreover psychological and environmental factors such as upbringing can be associated with mental disorders (Datta, 2010). Some mental illness problems occur due to the way people respond to, think about and observe themselves, others, or things that happen to them (Mourao, 2010) Also social and environmental stressors such as bereavement can cause abnormal behaviours and increase severity of mental illnesses affecting this way the type of treatment a person needs ( Mourao, 2010). For this reason specialists provide a diagnosis in order to distinguish the causes of mental illness and provide appropriate treatments (McLannahan, 2010 ,pp.83-117).However, it is worth mentioning that those risk factors are associated with symptoms of the psychiatric disorder and not the general diagnosis (Mourao, 2010).
Psychological and pharmacological use of treatments can va...

... middle of paper ... neuron communication and protect cells (Leys et al, 2010, pp.75-103).Understanding the underlying biological root of a disorder can help us develop integrated therapies that not only control the symptoms but then, once controlled, address those psychological and social factors that cause distress. In addition targeting the underlying biological factors and roots can help us clarify how psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments work and suggest new and more efficient approaches to mental illness (Datta, 2010).
Though, effective treatments cannot solely focus on pharmacological remedies: different types of interventions are essential to alleviate suffering. Thus a biopsychosocial approach to the understanding and treatment of mental illness provides the flexibility to develop effective, bespoke approaches to combat those illnesses (Toates, 2010, pp. 63-90).

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