Effective Treatment And Prevention Techniques For Youth Delinquency Essay

Effective Treatment And Prevention Techniques For Youth Delinquency Essay

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Youth delinquent behaviors have been a consistent problem facing families in the recent decades. These behaviors cause tension within family systems and often result in serious consequences not only for the youth exhibiting behaviors, but also for the entirety of the youth’s family. Recent research has provided several different effective treatment and prevention techniques for youth delinquency. Multisystemic therapy, a therapy focusing on the importance of external factors as cause for youth delinquent behaviors has become among the leading intervention strategies for delinquency in the United States. Multisystemic therapy (MST) is an effective treatment for youth delinquency, because it has proven long-term success, is attempting to incorporate research for the benefit of ethnic minority youth, and is based on information provided through family systems theory and the ecological model.
The results of MST have proven to be effective for multiple years post intervention (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011). Recent research has shown that MST has a significant long lasting effect on the individuals who participated in treatment (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011). In a 4-year follow up study, a significant reduction for continued delinquent behavior was found for delinquent youth treated with MST (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011). For youth participating in individual therapy, “the odds of recidivism for any felony offense during follow-up were approximately twice as high” as youth involved with MST (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011, p. 647). This significant difference between the long-term outcomes of individual therapy and MST points to MST being the superior treatment strategy. Through various studies, a pattern of substantially lower recidivism rates amongst juven...

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...t erased the use of less successful interventions (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011). MST has been incredibly groundbreaking in its long-term success rates regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status (Cunningham &Warner, 2010). The years of empirical research that have resulted in the use of the strategies present in MST intervention programs has been crucial to understanding the cause of youth delinquent behaviors (Walters, 2016). MST has been built off an in depth understanding of the complexity of the causation of youth delinquent behaviors, has been supported by proven long-term decreases in criminal behavior, and should now be utilized according to these findings (Sawyer & Borduin, 2011). MST, due to its foundation in current research, has been proven effective across gender, ethnicity and over time, and is an up to date effective treatment for youth delinquency.

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