Essay on Effective Time Management Assessment And Conjunct

Essay on Effective Time Management Assessment And Conjunct

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Effective Time Management
Being an effective professional nurse leader requires the individual to construct a plan, communicate and create a vision with the staff, while inspiring them to solve problems effectively. The nurse leader must able to listen and collaborate with the staff regarding different issues as they arise in the work environment. There are different theories in which will assist the professional with becoming an effective leader. Taking the time management assessment, has help revealed some things in which I can work on to improve with my time management skills. I will discuss the results of the time management assessment and conjunct them with the knowledge I gained during the first week of lecture. I will discuss the leadership theory in which best describe my leadership style. I will discuss the comparison between leadership and management. Finally, I will discuss how to incorporate the concepts I learn so far during the course into my work environment. A professional nurse leader works toward creating a vision for the staff, while inspiring them to solve problems and creating a positive work environment. “A healthy work environment (HWE) is crucial to morale, patient safety, patient satisfaction, and nurse retention” (Grossman & Valiga, 2009, p. 70).
Time Management Assessment
After taking the time management assessment, I realized that there are some things in which I could improve on in order to become an effective professional nursing leader. My final score was twenty-two and this result indicate my time management resembles the majority of most people. I was instructed to review some of the suggestions in order to improve my time management skills. Some of my response from the time management as...

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...treatment for my patient health.
Being an effective professional nursing leader will require the individual to have a clear set plan, effective communication, and vision and inspiring the staff to solve problems more efficiently. There are different theories in which will assist the professional into becoming an effective leader. After researching the different theories of leadership, I discovered situational theories best described my leadership style. In order for my leadership style to arise, this would solely depend on the environment and a particular situation. Also I have to incorporate some time management habits in order to become an effective nursing professional leader. Gaining the concepts of time management and incorporating this with the patient, family and disciplinary team will help improve the overall outcome of the patient health.

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