Effective Therapy With Victims Of Trauma Essay

Effective Therapy With Victims Of Trauma Essay

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In this second session with the volunteer client, I struggled more than in the first tape to implement trauma interventions because she was role playing instead of speaking about a personal experience. It was particularly difficult to walk her through the traumatic memory, and help her remember the thoughts about herself she had in those moments, as well as the emotions she was experiencing as she seemed to struggle somewhat with picturing how the real victim might have felt about herself in those moments. I found myself feeling anxious and frustrated as I was hoping she will give me a little information to work with while discussing the memory we chose to reconstruct during this session.
Interventions and Rationale
After learning in the two trauma courses that effective therapy with victims of trauma includes exposure to the traumatic memories, I started the session by discussing the importance of working through the difficult memories in a safe environment in order to start experiencing healing. I normalized that this phase will be difficult, and reassured the client that we would go at a pace she feels comfortable. I intentionally reminded her of the fact that she still often experiences those memories, in order to help her put into perspective that while this work is difficult, the alternative is by far less desirable since it impacts her every day functioning and often keeps paralyzed. Before starting, around minute 2:00, I thought it was important to hear the client’s readiness before starting. By reiterating that every person is different, I wanted to normalize that if she finds this phase difficult to move through, we could take a few steps back.
Around minute 3:00, I started explaining to her that while her comfort...

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...t she said about how it was easier for others to focus on what she “did wrong,” and address that what she needed in those moments was just the opposite, for people to be on her side, and give her a voice.
Next I wanted to address her emotional experiences but as I listen to the tape, I realize that the transition was somewhat insensitive. At this point, as she was struggling to remember her emotional experiences, I was starting to panic a little because I was remembering the moment in class when we were told that in the second tape we should try a few Phase II interventions and knowing that my client was going to role play, I was afraid we would struggle with processing an actual memory since my volunteer client never experienced sexual abuse. However, I then dismissed that fear, telling myself that as someone who had studied psychology will be able to pull it off.

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