Essay on Effective Speech For A Successful Speech

Essay on Effective Speech For A Successful Speech

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Public speaking conveys a speaker’s ideas directly to live audiences in public. Three areas of public speaking that are essential for a successful speech are delivery, organization of ideas, and verbal and nonverbal communication.
One of the component for a successful speech is delivery. Delivery refers to the way how a speech is presented to the audience. Delivery is the part of a speech where a speaker communicates with his audience directly after he has researched, organized, and practiced for his speech. Delivery can be used to communicate a speaker’s confidence and preparedness to the audience. Even given the same topic, different speakers will convey the same information to his audience in different ways and give them different impression. Delivery has two parts which are the physical and vocal components. The physical component includes posture, gesture, movement, eye contact, and facial expression. The vocal component includes vocal projection, speech rate, and etc. There are four delivery methods which are extemporaneous, memorization, reading from the manuscript, and impromptu. Each method is a style of giving a speech in a different way. Out of the four methods, extemporaneous style is the most recommended for a well-prepared and successful speech. With extemporaneous delivery style, a speaker does not memorize or read his speech, but instead he communicates with the audience in a conversational manner. Instead of full manuscript, a speaker with extemporaneous delivery uses a brief outline with key components and main ideas of his speech. Extemporaneous delivery can show the confidence of the speaker with familiarity and understanding of his topics. This delivery style is a very effective way for a speake...

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...ynote speaker at Tulane University 's 2009 Commencement. Ellen DeGeneres gained her credibility as a top-rated television show host, and giving speeches is her job. For verbal communication, she gave the speech in an appropriate rate. She used varied pitch and incorporation of pauses for transition between her main points and jokes to grab audience attention and interest and emphasize important points. For nonverbal communication, she made constant and maximum eye contact with the audience to engage them to be active in the speech and to deliver her ideas and receive feedback. She paid attention to her gesture and body language. She smiled, stood up straight, and put her hands on the podium to show her confidence. With both of verbal and nonverbal communication, she effectively delivered her messages with gaining high attention and interest from the audience.

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