Essay on Effective Reward Management

Essay on Effective Reward Management

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“Effective reward management is critical to organizational performance.”

Effective reward management, as a system, is the most powerful tool available to reinforce organizational values and translate them into employee actions (read behavior). Here, the ‘organization’ does not only refer to a business structure, but any institution (or activity) that involves people working together, and requires their voluntary contributions in order to operate successfully. Whether it is a school, a hospital, an NGO, a government agency, a political party, or a religious foundation, all require a matrix through which the performance of its individual members can be measured, and rewarded. Although, each organization may have its own manner, and means, of achieving this objective; their practices may differ but the general principles largely remain the same.

The need for the formulation of an adequate, and appropriate, system of rewards (as well as punishments) can be determined from the dictates of ancient wisdom when civilizations were first faced with the task of governing a society:

”People do not do as they are told; they do as they are paid i.e. as they are rewarded or punished.”

Wherein it is important to reward individual actions that are desirable and deemed as right by an organization, it is also imperative to rectify what is wrong, and provide deterrents to possible reoccurrence of such behavior. A responsible management has to brace the challenge of balancing both the good and the evil in human nature.

In an ideal world, people should do what is right because it is right. In the real world, people mostly do what is right (or wrong) only when they are paid for it in some form, or manner, that they can relate with, whi...

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