Essay on Effective Recruitment Methods For A New Market

Essay on Effective Recruitment Methods For A New Market

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When moving into a new market, especially one that can be an easy transition for a law firm, many key factors need to be considered. Effective recruitment strategies are a crucial characteristic of obtaining and retaining the highest quality talent that will contribute to organizational success. The market is becoming increasingly more expansive and expertise continues to grow more diverse as more and more people are acquiring a degree.
Moving into a new market can lead to big changes. If a firm isn’t well known, or is moving into a new State, outreach methods may be one of the ways to find some of the best, most diverse talent available in the region. “Recruitment methods that employers use to create a diverse workforce include conducting job fairs at colleges and universities, posting job vacancies on the websites of professional associations that have diverse memberships and listing job openings with federally funded workforce development agencies, called one-stop shops” (Mayhew, n.d.). Today, with the vast number of websites that are strictly geared towards job availabilities, it should be no trouble for someone to fill any open positions that a law firm would need.
Utilizing such sites as Linked-In, Career Builder, and Indeed would garner a lot of traffic of potential employees. In this technological age, going the route of electronic postings instead of newspapers will help reach more people faster. A firm would also have the ability to collect resumes digitally, instead of the old fashioned paper form that was the norm a decade ago. This way of collecting resumes will help when a potential candidate’s resume needs to be reviewed by a hiring team, instead of a single individual.
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...r to make a future plan for an individual. However, more parties are involved when using this type of technique. There must be a real-time collaboration from all of the managers/supervisors who are involved with this type of measuring technique.
Moving into a new market will not be easy. There is potential to achieve the organizational goals, as well as failing in a matter of months, developing a solid framework for an organization when researching where and when the best time to move into these markets will only benefit the firm. As the new player in an established market, it’s up to the company to attempt an enthralling call to action move. Being bold, offering a knowledgeable prudent decision, trying to teach a new market with something new, or offer an alternative firm that can be a stronger contender, clients will appreciate their direct nature.

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