Essay on Effective Practice During The Social Justice System

Essay on Effective Practice During The Social Justice System

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Effective Practice
In the Social justice system, there is a conglomerate of individuals that are motivated to question injustices along with advocating against the biases that society afflicts on a diverse population. Subsequently, these Individuals promote social justice and seek positive solutions for a designated population. In addition, social justice promotes advocacy and inhibits a humanitarian approach.
Through a holistic perspective, the social worker collaborates with other colleagues sharing the same vision in order to effectively uphold the dignity and the rights of populations in a community. In the mezzo-level, social worker task force devise different methods to effectively embracing diversity in larger scale and advocating for the rights for entire community. It is my belief that social workers embrace the social justice system through diversity and must be benevolent to persons, who are mistreated in an indifferent society.
As a social worker, I understand the importance of preservation various traditions and embrace cultural diversity. It is essential for a practicing social worker to serve different populations with the customs and ideologies in order to effectively build strong professional relationships. The social worker can avoid unnecessary barriers due to cultural ignorance. It is imperative to be objective to the beliefs of the client to effectively serving others to assimilate. Through cultural awareness, we will earn trust of the client in order to identify and equip clients with any type of resources and mental health treatment.
There is one ideology that I practice empowerment along with human dignity with an un...

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... that the cases of child abuse were relatively low in Georgetown. This was definitely a learning experience for me that I evolved into a logical social worker and always research projects to substantiate all my causes.
As for any grade deficiencies, my objective is to designate a specific time to completely focus on my studies to maintain my grade point average. In addition, I plan to reduce my volunteer work in the United States and refrain from future visits to Central America until after graduate school. Fortunately, my colleagues are MSW graduates and serve as valuable resources for me. We challenge one another and form a support system working in the field. In short, I will continue to study and obtain more work experience outside the university to increase knowledge in the social work profession.

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