Effective Methods of Learning

Effective Methods of Learning

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Teachers in schools are continuously trying to figure out news to approach effective learning in the classroom. Over the years, many strategies have been used to improve student’s overall learning and retaining of information: many have succeeded and many have tremendously failed. As a student, I know what is the best way for me to learn. But as I have watched other student’s achievement in the classroom, I notice what is best for us as a whole. The prime methods of learning should be handwritten note taking, student-to-student studying, and even review games.
Note taking seems to be the greatest method of learning to memorize for the tests. As the years go on, note taking seems to become more and more extinct. When students in my school ask why we do not take notes, the teacher usually says, “statistics show it is not the preferred method of learning.” But with my thirteen years of educational experience, I have come to realize this method is the most effective. This is because of when we read or hear what is on the board in front of us, we write it down. The first step of memorizing information is to actually read the information. Then there is a moment of memorization when copying down what is on the board on to our paper. Now each student has completed the first step to memorizing information and they have a hard copy to take home with them to study. Many teachers’ lecture notes contain a great deal of information. They do this for a reason and it is to coerce the student into reading the text and figuring out what is important. This helps the student understand the material better without spoon-feeding the student the key points of the information.
Student-to-student studying is a significant technique to learning. When one student has his information down pat, they can teach other students. This is extremely effective because students can explain how they memorized the information in a way where other students understand it better than reading the book definition. This would include quizzing each other, group or partner work, and group projects. When students quiz each other with notecards, both students are getting an opportunity to learn. The student reading the question gets to quiz their own mind, as well as their partners. This also goes for partner work and group work, only if each individual student puts forth the effort.

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Studies show when a student teaches another student, the first student learns more when they teach it. I find this an exceptional method of learning, as do my classmates.
Review games are usually not thought of by many as an effect strategy to learning, but I think it is very effective. Review games are generally given the day before a test. Teachers prepare questions and turn them into a fun games where students compete to see who can rack up the most points by answering questions. This is not only fun, but it gets everyone involved. As juveniles, we love to compete and we hate to lose. When games are involved, students open up their minds to all possible answers to achieve success in the game. If a student answers the question wrong, they want to know what the correct answer was. Upon finding the accurate answer, students will remember the information they messed up. I have found this to be one of the best methods to retaining the information long-term. When I actually take the test, I remember being asked certain questions that were on the review game and I immediately remember the answer.
Over the years, my teachers and I have tried many ways, sometimes crazy, to learning more efficiently. As students, we know what is best for us and the ways we learn. Teachers need to take our thoughts and ideas into consideration. After all, the students are the ones that are doing the learning, not the teachers.
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