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Effective Leadership : An Effective Leader Essay examples

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In the first 5 years of my current position, I had the pleasure of working with one of the most dynamic leaders I have ever known. And to her credit, I am not the only one who felt this way. Her charisma, charm and strength is still quoted in the ENTIRE organization as influential and motivating. We were all disappointed when she left for greener pastors.
Why were people so drawn to her, and, what made her such an effective leader?
What made Jane (name changed to protect her identity) so incredible to almost all she encountered was that she was real. Seems simple enough. So then in order to be an effective leader, all you need to be is real? It is a little more complex than that! Numerous studies have been done on this subject and they all have concluded relatively the same thing. Effective leadership engages its team members. It values its team members. And lastly, it inspires its team members.
In this post, we will discuss these major themes by breaking them down into quantifiable dimensions, thus, giving the reader an opportunity to reflect and learn how to be a more effective leader.
Vision and Goal-Setting.
It is the leader 's responsibility to communicate to his or her team what direction they are heading and why. It is also the leader who defines the method of how they’re going to get ' 'there '. The leader then should relay what to expect when they get 'there ' – the rewards and benefit outlined in a way that is clear. A team wants to believe in what they are doing and when an effective leader clearly articulates goals and a vision for the organization, he or she only increases the quality of work and dedication from their team members.
Communication is key.
Clearly communicating the mission, goals, and vis...

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...rship goals. They are not afraid to reflect and learn from others because they want to grow. Their humility is surpassed only by their desire to achieve a real goal that gets results and ensures the professional growth and success of all of their team members. An effective leader knows the value of investing in his or her team and standing by them in moments of difficulty and celebration.
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