Effective Leader Must be a Human Relaton Specialist Essay

Effective Leader Must be a Human Relaton Specialist Essay

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Leadership is required in many different fields such as government, business and industrial organization, agencies and institution, community organization, universities and schools, and society and families. When the group members have the opportunity to participating with the ideas and decisions could reflect an effective leadership. Being a leader is an important responsibility, but it does not make the leader alone it will affect on the group members and the organization. He or she has to learn some specific skills and methods. An effective leader need to be human relations specialist which meeting members’ needs and productivity specialist which meeting organizational needs. The leaders need to know the principal function of their groups as facilitating problem solving because the each group want to make sure that their problems get solved or not. The leaders have to be able to aware about all problem sides and then analysis it later on diagnose the situation.

The problem solving process including six individual steps which are identifying and defining the problem, generating alternative solutions, decision making, implementing the decision, and lastly follow up to evaluate the solution. If the leaders learn the skills of a problem solving facilitator which is seeing that problem get solved, that will help them to achieve the solving much easier than if the leaders follow their own roles. Listening is an important stage of solving problems, but the group members do not need leaders who always listen; they do need leaders who listen when they can genuinely feel understanding, accepting, and caring. Helping other of solving their problems need not only time, but also a completely feeling of acceptance from leader side. The l...

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... find a solution. This could build a rethinking relationship, which could be between the leaders and other leaders at the same level in the organization, between the leaders and other group members, or between the leaders and the supervisors.

The leaders have to be aware, choose, and achieve what kind of leader they want to be; no one can force or required that from them. The leadership will build a team, making good decision, getting productivity, fostering morale, and other more. There are four important questions to help the leaders to focus in main issues and points which are what kind of person do you want to be? What kind of relationship do you want? What kind of organization do you want? And what kind of society do you want? By answering these questions honestly and clearly, the leaders will be determining where, when, and how to be effective leaders.

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