Effective Intervention Model Of Nursing Interventions Essay

Effective Intervention Model Of Nursing Interventions Essay

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The main purpose of nursing intervention models is to create interventions based on solid and proven evidence. According to Moyle et al., (2015), The Partnering with Patients Model of Nursing Interventions (PPM-NI) is one of the most significant nursing intervention models. The goal of this paper is to choose the utmost effective intervention model to address fall issues occurring at the Progressive Care Unit (PCU) in Blodgett Hospital. The implementation of fall prevention strategies at the context requires the analysis of various issues. Butcher et al., (2013) suggests that the major issue in preventing falls is the role played by staff. The second most critical issue is the strategies that will ensure new practices are implemented. It is essential that the Blodgett Hospital management provides fall prevention training not only for nursing, but also for other professions such as clinical and non-clinical staff. Finally, the facility needs to adopt the current fall risk intervention model to decrease falls.
Intervention Model: Social Ecological Model (SEM)
The Social Ecological Model (SEM) is a theory-based framework utilized in the identification and understanding of the impacts of personal and environmental factors that dictate behavior (Langille & Rodgers, 2015). The purpose of SEM is to consider health determinants at the individual and community level with a primary objective of enhancing health outcomes. Langille & Rodgers (2010) further elaborates that the SEM derived from systems theory in 1979 is based on five primary factors; the individual, interpersonal, community, organizational, and policy/enabling environment. The individual factors are the central determinants of the person’s behavior which c...

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The Social Ecological Model is a framework that is utilized in the identification and understanding of the multifaceted impacts of personal and environmental factors that determine behavior. It represents five primary factors; the individual, interpersonal, community, organizational, and policy/enabling environment. On the other hand, the Health Belief Model was developed with the intention of understanding why people are reluctant to use the preventive measures offered by healthcare providers to enhance wellness. The perceived barriers, perceived vulnerability, perceived costs and benefits, and perceived seriousness, cues to action, and self-efficacy are the primary factors of the model. Between the two intervention models, the Health Belief Model has been selected because of its detailed application, and can be practiced in a wide variety of settings.

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