Effective Dissemination Of Information Among Healthcare Providers Essay

Effective Dissemination Of Information Among Healthcare Providers Essay

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There have been numerous studies and reports released through the years indicating that inadequate dissemination of information among healthcare providers is detrimental to patient safety. In the acute care setting, the exchange of vital patient information between nurses is endorsed through a shift report; which typically takes place at the nurse’s station. There are many threats to patient safety that could be linked to the process of poor hand off reporting and communication.
Normally, a significant amount of communication takes place during nursing handoff. Sand-Jecklin and Sherman (2014) notes, “The safety of the patient can be compromised at this time” (2014, 2854). Adverse patient outcomes is a very serious matter for healthcare organizations. Jeffs et al (2013) reports that, “Inadequate handoff between clinicians are key contributors to adverse events” (p.226). A report by Kerr, Lu and McKinlay (2014) points out that ineffective handover is known to account for almost 70% of all sentinel events reported in the United States.
There are several risks to quality and safety concerns reported during transfers and discharge processes as a result of inadequate handoff reporting (McMurray, Chaboyer, Wallis & Fetherston, 2010). Handoff reporting is a critical time in patient care and opportunities exist to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety (Gregory et. al, 2014). Similarly, Gregory, Tan, Tilrico, Edwardson and Gamm (2014) agrees that nursing handovers is a critical process which has a significant impact on patient safety.
Although, various research and literature shows that inadequacy of communication during the transfer of patient care can lead to adverse events and outcomes; improving patient safety is an ...

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...clinical data and plan of care among patient and staff at the bedside, assessment of the environment and patient needs before exiting the room (Doody and Doody, 2011)

After the committee finalize the aim of this practice and tools necessary to implement this process, we will implement a pilot program for a timeframe of 1 month. During that timeframe, we will continually observe the practice, collect data on our three main problems; miscommunication of vital information, delay in patient care and adverse outcomes, in order to monitor the effects of this practice. Once we have determined that bedside handoff reporting has improved patient safety and clinical outcomes we would consider a written policy for system wide implementation. Ongoing feedback and evaluation would still be conducted post implementation in order to verify effectiveness and areas for improvement.

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