Essay on Effective Cooperative Voice And Cooperative Silence

Essay on Effective Cooperative Voice And Cooperative Silence

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The study by Wang et al. (2011) is based on the idea that silence is not necessarily the opposite or absence of voice; employees may either withhold or express work-related ideas, information, and opinions based on the same motive. This multidimensional view suggests that one specific leadership style is able and likely to simultaneously promote cooperative voice and cooperative silence based on the same motives. Both voice and silence are purposeful forms of face-to-face communication; the absence of voice does not necessarily imply the presence of intentional silence. Therefore, cooperative voice and cooperative silence both involve conscious or intentional decision making, and represent distinct constructs rather than two opposite poles of the same concept. In this study, Wang et al. (2011) treat cooperative voice and cooperative silence as distinct constructs and examine whether the same leadership style can elicit both types of follower behavior.
The researchers posit that group focused transformational leadership is positively related to both cooperative voice and cooperative silence through the mediation of followers’ perceptions of value congruence between leaders and followers. Wang et al. (2011) hypothesized that followers whose values are congruent with the leader tend to demonstrate more cooperative voice when differentiated individual-focused transformational leadership is low and more cooperative silence when differentiated individual-focused transformational leadership is high. The distinction between individual-focused and group-focused transformational leadership behaviors is based on research previously conducted by Wu et al. (as cited by Wang et al., 2011).
Wu et al. (as cited by Wang et al., 2011) argued tha...

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...hat discussing conflicts openly and constructively improves team performance. Zhang et al. (2011) argue that transformational leaders are effective in part because they support cooperative conflict management and discourage competitive conflict management. The study also distinguishes between team coordination and team performance, hypothesizing that increased team coordination leads to improvements in team performance. Deutsch (as cited by Zhang et al.,2011) theorized that team members’ beliefs about how team members’ goals are interrelated greatly affects the interaction and outcomes of conflict management. Instead of defining conflict in terms of opposing interests and goals, Deutsch (as cited by Zhang et al.,2011) defined conflict as incompatible activities, where one team member’s actions interfere, obstruct, or frustrate the behaviors of another team member.

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