Essay about Effective Conversation With Foster Care

Essay about Effective Conversation With Foster Care

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Joseph is an eight year old boy that has been living in a foster home for 7 months. He comes from a low-income family that often times are homeless. He was taken away from his parents due to their heavy drug addiction. He does not have any relatives that live close by him so his only option is to stay in foster care until a relative is willing to take him in. Joseph’s teachers states that has been falling behind academically in school; however, he did not have behavior issue. Joseph’s teacher also states that he sits alone during recess and does not talk to any of his peers. Since Joseph has been in foster care he has fallen behind even more and is starting to be disruptive in class. He gets into fights with the other students and will not try to attempt to do his work. Ever since he entered foster care, he goes to see a school counselor once a week. Joseph has very minimal conversation with his school counselor. His counselor also states that she is not seeing progress in him since he first came to see her. The counselor has tried different ways to find out what Joseph’s issues are, however, he does not want to tell her. The only thing he states is that he wants to go back to his parents. He is however, close with his art teacher and he loves to draw. There are many factors that take place when it comes to working with children in foster care. In this paper I will discuss, theoretical explanations, practice interventions, issues related to ethics and diversity, and recommendations for the future.
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There are some factors that are in place when children are in foster care. Some of the factors include: the longevity of the stay, the severity of the case, and the progression of the ch...

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...y were taken out of and this can be challenging for them. This would make them not trust the system and cause problems down the road.
The foster care system has a lot of bad things about them; however they do have great things about them as well. Not every person that has a foster home for children is actually in it for the money. There are great foster parents and there are also great caseworkers. Unfortunately, as a society we most of the time hear about the negative aspects of the foster care system. Foster care is a very difficult system in society and the people that work in the system oftentimes overwhelmed with other children and cases that they are working on. This may cause caseworkers to overlook certain things. I believe there should be a lighter load for caseworkers and maybe hiring more caseworkers can be beneficial for the foster care system.

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