Effective Communication Strategies For Policy Making Visit Essays

Effective Communication Strategies For Policy Making Visit Essays

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Effective Communication Strategies for Policy Making-Visit
Ever attend a meeting that the speaker was tedious, dismal, and futile? This is called an ineffective manner of communication-“Boring”. Effective communication only occurs if the receiver grasps the exact information the sender intended to transmit (Struder Group Nursing and Physician Leaders from Across the Country, 2011). To be successful at advocating or implementing a policy, one must possess the ability to effectively communicate; verbally and nonverbally. This author scheduled a predetermined meeting at the office of Aaron Bean, a republican member of the Florida State Senate representing the fourth district, to advocate for the Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act. This paper will discuss communication strategies, provide empirical evidence, and examples of the impact and/or importance of a successful visit/presentation to nursing.
Communication Strategies and Empirical Evidence
Haithcox-Dennis (2011) define communication as the sharing of one’s thoughts and emotions with others, either verbally or nonverbally. One strategy or technique used to communicate with a local legislator or policymaker integrates persuasive and assertive communication. Grandjean and Gueguen (2011) stated when one uses persuasion it permits one to focus on a precise subject, and provides knowledge, particularly in politics, the environmental field, or the public health field. By providing knowledge to the legislator or policymaker regarding this importance act, one is contributing to raising awareness and providing a point of view that may influence or persuade them how to vote.
Before the meeting, one must be well prepared having knowledge and confidence about the policy issue. This st...

... middle of paper ...

...ovide that link. Developing effective communication and maintaining a working relationship with policymakers is essential for successful nursing political action.
Nurses play a vital role in shaping the health care policies in this country. By meeting and advocating for importance issues, such as the, Registered Nurse Safe Staffing Act, this author is persuading policymakers and legislators on how to vote. Effective communication and strategies are key factors for a successful meeting. Who better to advocate for changes in policies to protect our patient than nurses? Take the first step and plan a meeting with your legislator to provide them with vital information on issues that have direct effect on the nursing profession and patient safety. The American Nurses Association is a great resource to provide one with the tools needed to “Take Action”.

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