Effective Communication Skills For Developing And Carrying A Strong Relationship

Effective Communication Skills For Developing And Carrying A Strong Relationship

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Effective communication skills is the key to developing and carrying a strong relationship. Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information (Brin & Page, 1995). My mother happens to be the person that I communicate with the most. We have a very close bond and that will never change, so improving our communication is a must. Most relationships communication can become inconsistent, as ours does, so we have been using a few techniques to slowly improve our communication as it takes some time. To make our communication stronger we have been trying to attend and listen, use the aspects of emotional intelligence, and try to develop and use more empathy.
One of the issues my mom and I have with communicating is to attend and fully listen to each other. Attending in a conversation is when you are physically and mentally ready to listen and then the next step is to actually listen which is "the process of recieving, constructing meaning from, and responding to spoken and/or nonverbal messages" (Floyd, 2011). When talking to each other we would only fully attend and listen to what we want to hear instead of focusing on the full conversation. If we would listen and hear something that we didn 't agree with, we would use the monopolization error which is when one speaker inappropriately dominates the conversation. When one of us would use this the other person would get frusterated and an arguement would break out. Usually, whatever we are discussing my thought process will not change from what I thought before the intital conversation till after discussing it. That is one of the major issues when we conversate and I am trying to work on attending the conversation and then listening to what she has to say to me and putting my i...

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...r developed empathy, and now that I have reached out to her about improving our communication she has been trying to be more empathetic. Now that we are both trying to feel how the other person is feeling when conversating it is helping a great deal.
When trying to develop a better relationship by communicating, it can work wonders. My mother and I have a strong bond, but sometimes we would bump heads and disagree on things we would communicate about. Now that we are trying to fix our communication skills, we have seen a difference in our relationship all together. As I stated before communication is the key to having a strong relationship with someone else. We have been using different techniques to try and better the communication such as developing empathy, having emotional intelligence and some components of it, and attending and listening during conversation.

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