Effective Communication Skills Are Beneficial For Any Individual Essay

Effective Communication Skills Are Beneficial For Any Individual Essay

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In our daily lives we need it communicate in various forms. This involves writing, reading, speaking and listening. Effective communication skills are beneficial for any individual. It can help us learn how we should persuade, how we can influence, when and how to negotiate and resolve conflicts. (Langton, 2012)
Learning through the Organizational Behaviour, I have learned many fundamentals which can help me develop effective communication skills. As an Educator dealing with students of Special Needs, it is a lot more challenging.
An Educator’s communication needs to be effective. This communication is just not limited to engaging students but also includes the parents and the coworkers. With the students with learning disability, providing education involves not only teaching, but also includes fostering a relationship with student. This can make the student feel comfortable and relaxed. According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory, once the basic "physiological" needs are satisfied, a child starts to crave safety and security. Children’s development is as a journey toward their full potential, or "self-actualization". (Everyday Life - Global Post, 2015)
Additionally with students suffering from learning disabilities, it is important to help them overcome fears of Reading, Writing, Dyslexia, Math and Attention. Educator’s effective communication can make it easier for them as instructions need to be very precise and clear. Some of these students have barriers of Information Overload resulting in ignoring/forgetting of given instructions. In addition to this, coming from a diverse culture exhibits Language barriers too. By knowing the communication strategies of OB I now feel I can overcome to it by some extent. Making car...

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...of effective communication I have to be an active listener. My approach to a conflict by Avoidance is good as an Educator though it needs a little flexibility depending on the situation. The fall back on Forcing requires room of improvement. Improving on these fundamental skills I can benefit from effective communication in interpersonal relations as well as an Educator.
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