Effective Communication, Self Motivation, Resolving Conflict, And Effective Listening

Effective Communication, Self Motivation, Resolving Conflict, And Effective Listening

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Most individuals are faced with difficult situations that require specific trainings or skills that most people do not have. Orientation of Adult Learning helps equip that individual with the basis of self-awareness and academic concepts to make sure that each individual is able to succeed. There are several academic concepts that were researched and discussed in this five week course.
An academic concept is an abstract idea or of or relating to education and scholarships. This research paper will be focusing on the fundamentals of effective communication, self-motivation, resolving conflict, and effective listening. Also this paper will give the reader an insight on why communication plays a big part in society today.
Effective Communication
Effective Communication is an interpersonal skill that can help improve interpersonal relationships (Bethel University, 2008). Effective communication is an important skill that is needed no matter where an individual’s path in life may take them. Whether an individual is at work, school, an office, or a social event there is always a variety of communication tools and skills being put into practice (Lear, Hodge, & Schulz, 2014).Communication is a two way process, so improving communication involves how we send and receive the message as well as provide feedback (Te 'eni, 2001).
Everyone wants to talk but are we really getting the message across? “Effective, efficient communication also means possessing a skill set whereby the thought or idea will be communicated in such a way as to have meaning and that the intended meaning is understood by the recipient” (Te 'eni, D. 2001, pp. 251-312). It is just as important to provide feedback, which will let the individual know that not only have y...

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... feedback shows that you understand and feel the speaker.
In conclusion, the four academic concepts that were covered in this paper; effective communication, self-motivation, resolving conflict, and effective listening, all touch bases with communication. You need the knowledge of these concepts to effectively manage any organization or for interpersonal relationships. The way we communicate has a big impact on our ability to get along with people and get what we want.
Listening plays a part in communication so it is just as important as well. People need to realize that it is not what you say to somebody but how you say it which makes an individual act accordingly to what was said. Let us all remember that less is more and with the knowledge and skills from these academic concepts there should not be any reason why an individual cannot become successful.

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