Effective Communication Is Not Only Important Essay

Effective Communication Is Not Only Important Essay

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There is no doubt that effective communication is not only important but also the main supporter on which strong and healthy relationships are built. Many studies have proposed openness in communication as the basis for marital relationships. Essentially, marital communication refers to the manner in which both the verbal and non-verbal information are exchanged between couples. It involves the ability of couples to pay attention to what their spouses think and feel about specific issues that may arise in their lives. Based on that, it is clear that effective marital communication requires couples to be open and clear in sharing their views concerning different issues while simultaneously paying attention and listening carefully to what the other spouse has to say. According to Blanchard, Hawkins, Baldwin & Fawcett (2009), openness in communication is important among couples because it provides a platform on which spouses can freely and fearlessly express their needs, wants, and concerns to each other. Moreover, openness in communication creates a favorable environment within which couples can positively and respectfully express their differences as well as love and admiration for each other. Additionally, it is through open communication that couples are able to resolve the numerous problems that are usually unavoidable in any relationship.
While effective communication plays a significant role in establishing strong and healthy couple relationships, ineffective communication leads to numerous problems among couples including excessive conflicts, weak emotional relationship, lack of familiarity, and ineffective problem solving. Ineffective communication among couples is characterized by lack of concern for the feelin...

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... openness in communication helps couples discuss all issues that may affect their relationship directly and honestly without shutting down for the purposes of solving their differences as well as physiologically calm themselves (Somohano, 2013).
Christensen & Shenk (1991) explain that the basic concerns of maintaining intimate relationships are the identification of healthy patterns of interpersonal development as well as how to prevent conflicts in relationships. Apparently, the achievement of relational well-being among couples is greatly facilitated by the establishment of favorable environments for interpersonal communication (Johnston, Campbell, & Wallerstein, 1999). One of the primary qualities for openness in communication among couples is to show positiveness in which spouses have for each other and that involves the expression of favorable attitudes. Couples

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