Essay about Effective Communication Is A Key Concept For Any Professional Working

Essay about Effective Communication Is A Key Concept For Any Professional Working

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Effective communication is a key concept for any professional working or interacting with the general public. Communication in any profession can impact the successfulness of both workplace and client relationships. To gain a better understanding of the concept of effective communication, I conducted an interviewed with a client services officer from the police service. The following essay will discuss and reflect on the context of that interview, and draw conclusions on how I can better my communication skills for my future career as a Nutritionist.
The 4Rs of Reflection: Reporting
The interview I conducted was with a client services officer who has been in working within the police service for 23 years, and has been in her current role for almost 6 years now. During our interview we discussed how effective communication played an important role for her to be successful in her profession. Being the first point of contact for her clients, it became clear that strong rapport building was the key communication skill for her work role. By building a strong rapport with clients, she is able to create an environment where clients feel more comfortable to relay information that could be considered quite personal or confidential. It was very interesting hear about how as a client services officer, she cannot always rely on communicating verbally with clients. For example, M. A. Burnett explained how in one instance she had a deaf client come into the station that she was unable to verbally communicate with. To effectively communicate with this client, she used alternative forms of communication such as lip reading and body gestures.

From this interview, I was able to clearly identify the two reoccurring themes of the importance of st...

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...ct in this profession that I will constantly need to consult and communicate with my fellow work colleagues or professionals, to ultimately provide the highest standard of care for each of my clients.

Whilst working within the retail/food sector, I have seen the how good communication skills such as rapport building can affect a person’s attitude towards another. From these work experiences, I have been able to gain the basic rapport building skills that I believe I can further develop for my future work role as a nutritionist. This interview has allowed me to further develop my rapport building skills by giving me an insight to how they are effectively used in a professional setting. I am confident that through further learning experiences, I will be able to improve my communication skills and reach the high standards that are needed as a healthcare professional.

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