Effective Communication And Patient Safety Essay

Effective Communication And Patient Safety Essay

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Interdisciplinary Communication and Patient Safety
Effective communication between patient and clinician is an important aspect to patient care. Proper communication has a direct positive impact on patient care and adversely poor communication has a direct negative impact on patient care. I will define the seven principles of patient-clinician communication and how I apply these communications with my patients. I will also describe the three methods currently being used to improve interdisciplinary communication and the one method that my area of practice currently uses. Then, I will explain the ethical principles that can be applied to issues in patient-clinician communication. And Lastly, the importance of ethics in communication and how patient safety is influenced by good or bad team communication.
Seven Principles of Patient-Clinician Communication
There are seven important concepts that are imperative to communicating with patients. The seven concepts are: mutual respect, harmonized goals, a supportive environment, appropriate decision partners, the right information, transparency and full disclosure, and continuous learning (Paget et al., 2012). The first principle is mutual respect. It requires the patient and the clinician to make decisions as partners. It requires both to be respectful of the other’s contribution to the treatment plan. Harmonized goals are the second principle. They are reached when both the patient and the clinician agree upon a plan of care with both parties having full understanding of the risks, benefits, costs and expected goals of the treatment plan. The plan is not implemented until both parties are agreeable to the plan of care (Paget et al., 2012).
The third principle is a supportive environme...

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...l as a decrease in health care costs (Paget et al., 2012).
In conclusion, communication is an important aspect of patient care, both for interdisciplinary communication and patient-clinician communication. There are many advantages for the patient associated with effective communication and adverse effects when there is bad interdisciplinary communication. There are three communication models that health care services use to ensure that there is effective communication within the treatment team. There are seven key concepts to keep in mind when communicating with patients. All health care facilities need to ensure that they have communication standards set in place. Having set expectations will ensure compliance among interdisciplinary clinicians. Ultimately the patient will reap the benefits and have better outcomes by effective interdisciplinary communication.

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