Effective Communication And Non Verbal Communication Essay

Effective Communication And Non Verbal Communication Essay

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As the workforce becomes more diverse, immigration increases, and technology rapidly advances, effective communication is harder to achieve. All types of communication follows the same model of sender, encoding, channel, receiver, decoding, and feedback, with noise during that communication transition, however, cultural differences can complicate the process, adding so much noise that contributes to misunderstanding is the workplace. Effective communication in the workplace requires growth and flexibility. This means that, first, one needs to accept that the verbal and non-verbal communication style that we are most familiar with often become our unconscious norm against which we judge the communication styles of others. Second, there is a tendency to categorize individuals based on his or her appearance, clothing accent, or name, leading to inaccurate interpretations, conclusions, and judgements about his or her message. Third, people have many social identities and some are more important influences on their patterns of communication than others. Being able to communicate effectively with people of diverse cultural backgrounds is a skill that can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
In communicating, each person participating in the conversation must understand their own experiences, culture, stereotypes, and realized and unrealized assumptions of the other participants. For example, in Asian cultures, indirectness is considered polite, but in other cultures that is considered to be sneaky. Differences in communication styles often are unrecognized or denied because people are unsure of how to cope with these differences.
Different regions or cultures defines the context in different ways, for example America as...

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... to the non-verbal communications. Just like the butterfly effect, just a single emoticon during a chat between two colleagues at work, can generate different reactions from each other, or one of the individuals, or from the smart server that is constantly analyzing internal communications to find patterns of aggressive behavior or bullying, or other nonprofessional, or unethical activities. There are many ways how the workplace can blow up due to misunderstandings from non-verbal communications.
At the end of this merge of cultures and types of communication, and individualism, or collectivize, languages, verbal or non-verbal, direct or indirect communication, organizations are getting efficient in understanding the importance of implementing policies and managing diversity, and moreover, in understanding intercultural communications in today’s global environment.

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