Effective Communication And Effective Business Writing Essay

Effective Communication And Effective Business Writing Essay

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Effective communication, especially business writing has become more important in today’s times than it has been in the past. All entry level accountants are required to write and communicate, both formally and informally. Also, effective business communication goes hand in hand with several skills like problem solving, critical thinking and much more. Therefore, it is essential for accountants to know that what constitutes an effective communication and how one can become an effective communicator.
In today’s competitive environment, soft skills have become more important than technical skills. In fact, for accountants to succeed in their professions, they need to demonstrate good communication skills. Therefore, amongst personal attributes listed by the AICPA for competency in public accounting, “effective business writing “is one of them.
In any kind of an accounting practice, accountants are expected to write. Tax Accountants might have to write a letter to IRS or they might have to write a letter to a client explaining how to handle a tax issue. Similarly, auditors might have to write memos to be filed with working papers or in many cases they might have to write an advisory letter to management suggesting ways to improve internal controls. Likewise, accounting system specialist might have to write a beginner’s guide and/or technical reports. Nevertheless, all three types of accountants are required to write memos to their supervisors, colleagues and subordinates. Hence, writing is an essential part of an accountant’s job and all accountants are expected to write effectively.
Despite, effective writing is an essential part of an accountant’s job, many accountants lack adequate writing skills. Some people believe it’s due t...

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...asionally miss my classes. However, I will make sure that I attend all my lectures for this course, as this will help me to understand professor’s expectations with assignments and it will eventually help me to write my assignments effectively. Finally, I liked the idea that critical thinking and problem solving goes hand in hand with writing skills. In the past, whenever, I had to write an essay, I used to do brainstorming in my mind, but after reading that writing helps to clarify the concepts and helps to generate more alternatives to the problem, I have learnt that even brainstorming activity should be done in writing.
This chapter provided a great insight into what is required to be a great accountant. I have learnt that to be a successful accountant, I need to be competent, ethical, problem solver, critical thinker and most importantly effective communicator.

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