Effective Communication And Collaboration Within The Health Care System Essay

Effective Communication And Collaboration Within The Health Care System Essay

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In almost every part of life there are demands and challenges that need to be met, and in saying that those demands and challenges are usually unavoidable. In health care one major challenge is communicating with other professionals, whether it be physicians, specialists, other nurses, or anybody else who needs to be involved in patient care, there are always barriers that will come up when collaborating. In itself, it is important to look at how effective the communication and collaboration is within the health care system. Taking in this factor is very important because there is a direct correlation with communication and collaboration within the health care system and patient quality of care. “The goal of interprofessional collaboration is to produce ‘a synthesis of the information such that the outcomes are more than an additive’ (Muir, 2008, P. 5)” (Arnold & Boggs, 2011, P. 474) Interprofessional collaboration is not only meant to benefit only one person or disapline, but rather aid each disapline by providing the opportunity to learn new skills and approaches, while increasing the patients chance for a best possible outcome (Arnold & Boggs, 2011). When disaplines communicate and collaborate in an effective mannor they decrease discontinuity and duplication of unneeded procedures which can increase a patients quality of care greatly by lowering the level of stress (Arnold & Boggs, 2011).
The Canadian Nurses Asociation (CNA) inforces the idea that interprofessional collaborative models for health service delivery are crutial for providing patient-centered health care in Canada. (CNA, 2015) CNA believes that there are six principles needed to facilitate interprofessional collaboration among all professionals;
1. Client- Ce...

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...between the two the patient will not have a good outcome. There are many models used in professional collaboration that are useful, infact most of the models are useful, but for me SBAR is the one that I think I will get the most benefit out of using.

If there is no interprofessional communication then there is no chance of the health professionals developing a moral community, and health benefits to patients will be limited. A serious illness or injury is going to be a complicated and stressful challenge in every patients life, and by knowing how to properly communicate with other disciplines in the health care environment can limit that stress and improve the quality of care that they will receive. Each and every person who works in health care shares a common goal of optimal patient outcome, and reaching a common goal without collaboration is nearly impossible.

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