Effective Communication : An Organization Context Essay

Effective Communication : An Organization Context Essay

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Effective communication
Communication is not just about exchanging information. It 's about understanding the emotional and intentions behind the information. (Lawrence Robinson et al. 2016). Effective communication is indispensable in an organizational context, but it is not easy to achieve. First, I will talk about my own experience about the poor communication as a trainee in a security company. Then, there are several ways to prove that promote dialogue is important in the organization context, like the advantages of promoting dialogue, and poor communication will lead to some business problems. Finally, when we worked in an international company in our home country or aboard or across countries, effective intercultural communication is a significant skill for us. Respect, open-mindedness and choose words wisely are the golden rules when we communicate with the person who have different culture.
First of all, effective communication is very important in a workplace or daily life, it should be a focus in your life. According to the lecture of the week 1, we know that effective communication can bring us lots of benefits at work, like builds and maintains relationships, builds an effective team, managing employees, etc. But if we have the poor communication, it may cause some problems. Actually, I have experienced poor communication as a trainee in a security company in China when I just graduated from the university. My immediate manager is a young man whom just got the master degree for a year; his work ability and performance are excellent. My workmates and I always got his e-mail after 10pm or before 8am, he always works extra hours alone, even though that day is not busy, and my workmates and I are leaving on time. He uses ...

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... foreigner. For example, “Bangers and mash” in British and Australian culture this is used to describe sausage and potatoes. However, in the US, “bangers” can mean gang members or a club friendly beat or song. (Troppello & Joanne 2015)
In conclusion, effective communication is important for everyone, like I said before, it can brings us lots of benefits at work, like builds and maintains relationships, builds an effective team, managing employees, etc. Promote dialogue also is a way to achieve effective communication, it helps to build a right relationship between employees and managers, and can reduce misunderstanding. Intercultural communication is often appearing in our life; every country has different culture, we need learn about their culture and respect it. For me, I will try my best to use these methods to improve my communication skill in the future life.

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