Effective Anti Corruption Acts ( Or Laws ) Essay

Effective Anti Corruption Acts ( Or Laws ) Essay

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A. Effective Anti Corruption Acts (or laws)
I. This allows CPIB to inspect both private and public cases. Since Public cases are also vital to ensure corruption free run of corporate and attract investment.
II. The public official has to prove his innocence if he is reported to have accepted bribes or under table payments.
III. A bribe acceptor would still be punished if he fails to return favor after accepting the bribe.
IV. The act forbids to public officials to accept gifts.
V. The act empowers the official to pay the exact amount of bribe he received apart from other punishment.
VI. The act reserves punishment for any cases of corruption committed outside Singapore.
Effective laws provide the basis for the fight against corruption. The law must define corruption offences and their punishments and the powers of enforcement against it. As society and the environment changes all the time, it is necessary to review the law periodically to ensure that it is up to date. The powers of enforcement must be well provisioned so that they will have sufficient force and strength. The law must support law enforcement with a cutting edge. This is vital as corruption offences are particularly difficult offences to deal with. Unlike general crime where there is a victim who tells us everything that happened, in corruption offences, both the giver and the receiver are guilty parties who have the motivation to hide and not tell the truth. This makes investigation and evidence gathering more challenging. To be successful, the law must provide sufficient teeth for law enforcement.

B. Effective Anti Corruption Agency
I. The CPIB is the only agency empowered with the right and independence to deal with any cases of corruption.
II. It can investigat...

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...ement in their daily work to keep the Public Service at the leading edge of contributing towards the continued success of Singapore and Singaporeans, with the end goal of being one trusted public service with citizens at the center. The methods by which passing a file “from one desk to the other” is reduced to minimize the possible corruption portals. Public Officers have websites where in they point those areas where improvements are needed and accordingly improvements are made. PS21 very much includes the general public in its mandates as well by allowing the general public to put their grievances and suggestions online, and making it obligatory for public officers to reply those issues. This keeps the government officials “on their toes.” (PS21, 2014)
The Prevention of Corruption Act provides extensive powers to CPIB in the investigation of corruption, including:

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