Effect Prohibition Had On Society

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“Communism is like prohibition, it is a good idea, but it won’t work.” (Will Rogers) Nothing in today’s society would be the way it is without history. There have been many triumphs and tragedies, losses and gains throughout America’s history. As for Prohibition, it is unsure as to what its purpose was. Prohibition was a law passed to make the sale of alcoholic beverages banned. However, through many years of determination to stay alive, the Prohibition Act’s fate was failure. Our leaders drove down a daring yet determined path, and after countless excruciating years of struggle, their final destination was failure. Prohibition was a choice our government made for the better sake of our country. The “dry” era was a period from 1919 to 1933, where the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited. It also forbade the making, transporting, importing, or exporting of alcohol. This era was also known as “The Roaring Twenties”. The new decision was a disapointment for many outraged citizens of the country. Usually when people got home they would relax and enjoy their dinner with a glass of wine or two. The new law allowed them to be able to do this, but only for a short period of time. Purchasing or consuming alcohol was not yet prohibited (EncycloWine: Encyclopedia for Wine Enthusiasts - Prohibition). This also took a huge impact on “Theatre Goers” (Those Long, Dry Intermissions). During the actual entertainment portion, they were occupied and content, bust as soon as the intermission began, they would find themselves with nothing to do. Since this was no longer allowed, they came up with new activities to pass the time. Some of these included; taking strolls through local art stores or going to get their picture taken at a phot... ... middle of paper ... ...May 2009 . Sinclair, Andrew. Prohibition The Era of Excess. Boston: Little Brown, 1962. “Speakeasy@everything2.com” Welcome to Everything@everything2.com. 19 May 2009 . “The Volstead Act.” National Archives and Records Administration. 19 May 2009 . “Those Long, Dry Intermissions.” Vanity Fair September 1919. 19 May 2009 . “”Wets vs. Drys”.” Nebraska Studies 1900-1924. Nebraska Studies. 19 May 2009 . “What is Bathtub in?” Wise GEEK: clear answers for common questions. 19 May 2008 .

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