The Effect on Smoking Cigarette Banned in Public Essay

The Effect on Smoking Cigarette Banned in Public Essay

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Cigarette smoking
“There Is Nothing either Good or Bad, Hard or Easy,
It’s How We Choose to Think That Makes It So.”
~ William Shakespeare~
Cigarettes are drugs that have a high risk of dangerous drugs that cause the disease to the body of smokers and people who live nearby. Currently, there are many more smokers are aware of the adverse effects of smoking. But the number of smokers is still increasing. Especially worrisome and continue to cause adverse effects in both polite society and the environment. Smoking is much more to keep the population down to health problems and premature death. Of death, with smoking rates higher than other causes of death combined, including AIDS drugs, alcohol, accident and murder and suicide. It's frightening to think. In addition, smoking is a serious drug addiction, and one that can be legally purchased. Can be easily purchased in the market is cheap and widely spread out as quickly, if we are to prevent and solve security problems of the dangers of smoking, more and more. However, when many people are smoking but don't care the effect of smoking. In order to decreases the number of smokers; we must understand cause, effect and problem solving of smoking.
People start smoking for a variety of different caused. The cause of the problem depends on the individual and society and regardless of any cause. I have the same effect on many people may wonder why all smokers know that smoking is dangerous, but still continue to smoke. According to the Nurses and smoking, (2006), "the causes of smoking are many different types of categories that 1.Try, 2.Friend, 3.Smoking by parents or people in the house, 4.Socially, and 5. Stress"(p.7-8). In my opinion, I think the reason I was craving, mainly a...

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...ecause most people in the world are smoking, we can't ban all smokers but we can decrease number of smokers. When we know cause, effect and problem solving of smoking, it can help smokers have longevity, have a good health, and good new life.

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